About washy - washy, dancing grannys and a lot of ice - cream

Short description: This is a story about a boy on a cruise. A boy, who falls in love with a girl on this cruise. A boy, who fights for that love. And for a bad end.

I write this story in English. I will tell you later, why I do this. But first, I want to introduce you a little girl. I don't even remember her name, so let's call her Janice. She was born in California. I expect, she had a good childhood, since her parents get divorced. Then she decided to move with her father to Rhode Island.  He worked for the Navy, so she couldn't see him very often. But after school, she used her free time to meet other people, read harry potter books and learn to play flute. A few years later, her father had to go to Virginia Beach, Virginia, near North Carolina. She moved with him again. And again she had to leave her friends and, I think, a bit of her heart. She had no sibblings. Her father loved her. Let's say, her mother loved her, too, but because of the distance, she saw her not very often. In Virginia, she went a few years to school, until she had her graduation. Her father, his new girlfriend, her uncle and her grandma gave her a cruise as a gift. The last travel before she goes to college. The ship, which they chose, made a course on the Baltic Sea. The name of this ship was "Norwegian Sun". Tragically, the Norway massacre was at this time. They entered the ship in Kopenhagen, Danmark. The cruise was about to discover the capitals, which are located at the coast of the Baltic Sea. They went to ship at lunch time, so they had enough time to explore Kopenhagen, after they already ate something on board. They saw Christiansborg, Amalianborg and this shiny little mermaid on a stone. At about 5:00 p.m., they had to go to the ship, where a loud ringtone came. It was an alarm to check the security on board. It worked. The next port they directed to, was Warnemunde, Germany. In the night, she discovered the ship and probably, she went in the theatre to see the first show there. In Warnemunde, she had to get up early, because she went to Berlin with her dad and her uncle, maybe with her new mum. On the same day, I entered the ship in Warnemunde. I don't know, why they let enter 1800 persons in Kopenhagen and 200 in Warnemunde, but this doesn't matter. You have to know something about my background. I also made my graduation. My parents also gave me this cruise as a present. But, the big difference is: I had an operation after this. I was very afraid of, and I didn't  know, if the operation would be successfull. Me and my parents had to discover the ship on the rest of the day. When we waited on the departure, we saw a lot of people leaving trains. The trains came from Berlin. This might have been the first time I saw her. Later, when the ship began to move, loud music came from the port. I don't know why. Maybe, because they were lucky, that we leave. Maybe because it was at random. Maybe because it was tradition.

We explored the ship more and more. There was also a chapel. My mother went in, but me and my father, we were afraid of enter this holy place.

The next day was a day at sea. But we couldn't sleep the whole time, because my mobile phone rang all the time, because the net changed. This was no problem for me. There was a bigger problem. I didn't want to think about this operation. You know, before my first driving exam, my mother called me and said, that I would be ill. I couldn't believe it. And I failed. So, the operation was always sticked with this negative rememberance. Always, when I had to think about the operation, I had to think about failure. I never had a more negative sight on the future. I wanted to change this. But I didn't know this on this time. I only wanted not to think about it during the cruise. So, I went to the chapel and prayed. I prayed, that I don't need to think about this all the time. I prayed, that I could think about something else, especially, when the cruise is finishing. I didn't know, that God would hear me.

The rest of the day, we could be relaxed.

Janice knew the ship better than we, so she could go to different points of the programm. Probably, she was at the theatre again. Maybe she was at the ice cream station. I don't know, where she was. The only thing I know is, that she had a Harry - Potter - book with her. The second one. Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets. In German "Harry Potter und die Kammer der Sekrete". So she might have read a bit.


Our next port was the port of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Janice made the same tour as me. But my tour was in German, hers in English. We saw a very modern town. After the communism, this city has been restarted. But it was not really interesting. But the breakfast of this day was very interesting. I remember her uncle, because I was very afraid of him, when I first saw him. But I don't remember, if I saw her. This might be the second time, we saw us.

The next stop was St. Petersburg in Russia. The signs of the communism there were never been removed. We stayed there for two days. On the first one, we visited the Katherine's Palace. It has a really lot of rooms with very beautiful interieur. And nearly all things were golden. It has also a big park.  Janice didn't see it. She visited the Eremitage. But she would have enjoyed it. The scond day, we visited another palace. I don't remember the name. But it also was very beautiful. After that, we went with a ferry to another coast of St. Petersburg, where the bus waited. We made a sightseeing tour of the city, where we also drank vodka. I don't know, what Janice made on this day. But, I guess, she wouldn't have tried the vodka. I think, she's a non - drinker. But she liked dancing. I hope, she still likes dancing, when she really existed.

But I want to go ahead. St. Petersburg was very interesting, but it was a little bit too much. One sight next to another one. You don't know, where you have to see. In opposite to that, the port is a desert. And I don't mean it symbolic.

Fortunately, I didn't think about, what is waiting on me back in Germany. This was good. It was very good.

The white nights in St. Petersburg destroyed our bio - rhythm. Also we had to turn the clocks forward. Medecins would probably say, this is unhealthy. But not for us.

Janice was often at the midnight disco club. Like I said, she liked to dance. Until now, I thought, this would be a family travel. But my mother, who was going to bed all the days very early, and my always arguing father destroyed this thinking. So, I began to do things on my own. This was the best decision I made, because now, I was free and independent.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, was the most amazing city for me. There were not many sights, but a lot of nature and silence. And maybe a visit the church, which was build in a rock, was the cause of the following moments. All in all, Helsinki was no comparison with St. Petersburg. But this made it so wonderful.

In the evening, me and my dad visited a magician show in the thatre. I was impressed, although I knew, that this all were tricks. Before I went to this show, I saw dancing grannys at the disco. Horrible! 

I also got my first ice cream at the ice cream station. This could be the third time I saw her, because I stayed there very long.

The next stop was in front of Nynäshamn, Sweden. I say, in front of, because, we stopped in the sea. From there, we got driven by tender boats to the coast, where the busses to Stockholm were. Sotckholm were also a wonderful city. It was like St. Petersburg, maybe a bit smaller.We had a lot of free time, before the busses stand at the stop to bring us back to Nynäshamn. In this free time, we saw the main shopping street of Stockholm, where we ate local food at McDonald's.

The busses didn't belong to a special tour, they were for all guests of the Norwegian Sun. So, I had the chance to see Janice the fourth time. Nearly all guests had taken their seats, when she came into the bus with her father, his girlfriend and her uncle. She took her seat next to me. I thank God for this, because I bet, I would have thought about my operation, when I would have sit alone.

We made small talk. She told me something about her background, what I already wrote. I told her something about my background. She was an interesting person. And while I was talking to her, I noticed a good feeling in my stomach. Althoug I watched at the clock in the beginning every minute, I enjoyed this talk more, the longer it went. When we left the bus, her father took a photo of us. Anywhere in this world, it still will exist. I separated from her, because we waited for the tender boats. Maybe I should have stayed with her to exchange e - mail- adresses. But that would not have been right, how I experienced very soon. I saw her on the tender boat, but then our ways were completely separated. But not for long. I searched her the rest of the day. But It was a real big ship. Even in the theatre I couldn't see her. Later she told me, where she sat, but I would have seen her, when she really was on this place.

In the night, I had a very special dream. It was her, with black wings on her back. She ate a horse, like Voldemort did in the first part of Harry Potter.It also could have been a men, which she ate but this doesn't matter. It was located on a castle, a white one. When I came nearer to her, she finished eating and said to me: "I like you very well, but I don't love you!". Then she flew away. When I woke up, I knew, what this meant. I would have the chance to see her again, but for the last time. I also knew the reason. I mustn't think on my operation. I must think on this, because I had some feelings for her. She was like me, only a bit less shy. So I went to the chapel again. I prayed, that I can see her again. On two languages. German and English. Then, I had the idea to go to the crew talent show. I didn't notice her first. But then, she turned around and saw me. She waved me. This moment was magical. Years ago, I dreamed of this moment. In this dream, I kept seating there, where Iwas and I was very sad after that. But now, I knew, what to do. I went to her. And although, the seat, where her bag was, was for her uncle, I could sit there. In this moment, I was the luckiest man on earth.

The talk was more intensive like the other one and she was amazing. After the crew talent show, there was a bingo play. She stayed, because her father and her uncle wanted to play this. It was the final one for them, because the next morning, the ship would be in Copenhagen and they would have to leave. I stayed with them. And her uncle payed a little bingo card for me. I had no luck, although I was only three fields away in the ll - field - bingo. And then, we said goodbye. I knew, it would be forever. That I met her again, was more than I wanted. I saw her later in the theatre. She didn't recognize me, in opposite to her dad and her uncle. I didn't go to her, because I wanted the pain. I wanted to make a mistake. We had a "date" at the club this night. But she didn't come. I knew it. But I wanted the pain. The pain, because I would never see this wonderful women again. The pain, because I missed to ask her to stay in contact per e-mails.

The journey we made in Copenhagen on our own was very difficult for me, because I had to think about her. All the time. My mother said, someone waved out of one car to us. I guess, it was her. In the evening, I had wet eyes. Not only because of her, but also because I didn't want the cruise to end.

With the hope, I could find her father on the internet, I came back to germany. Her father seemed to be a bit old, maybe in the 40's. In the navy, you don't get along without get into a higher position, when you are so long there. I hoped to find a photo of him. But I couldn't find it. Now I think, that all was a dream. This big ship. This beautiful cities. The "Washy - Washy! Happy - Happy! Smiley - Smiley!" of a few crew members every morning. Our roomkeeper Emmanuel, who kept my name in mind and made a Philippinian folk dance at the talent show. The towel animals he made. And she. Janice. I really can't decide, if it only was a dream or if it was reality. Or was she an angel? Was she sent by god? Her father played by himself, her uncle played by Jesus, and the girlfriend played by Maria? Or am I going crazy? What's the difference between dreams and reality?

I can't answer on any of these questions. But Janice, if you read this, I want to say you what: If someone would ask me: "Did you ever have seen or met someone, who has the characteristics of your dream women?", I am sure to say the right answer.

So. Genug der Geschichte. Ich überlasse es Ihnen, ob Sie mir die Geschichte glauben oder nicht. Fakt ist, dass ich sie nicht ohne Grund auf Englisch geschrieben. Oder war es nur ein Stilmittel?